Thursday, July 23, 2009


The Proposal

Genre: Romantic/Comedy

Running time: 1:50 minutes

“Marry me because I want to date you.” An unusual way of popping the question, away from the mushy, cheesy grand dream proposal of every girl, but indeed so heartfelt. New York based publishing company’s Editor-in-Chief Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) would be facing immigration trouble and the first thing that comes to her mind is to fake her engagement with her long time assistant Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds). Margaret announced her engagement with Andrew to avoid being deported leaving his assistant without a choice, it’s as if he can say no to his boss, as if she accepts a NO. This romance comedy flick will surely take you to a roller coaster ride of emotions, one minute you’re sweep away by sweet gestures then you’re laughing and then you are fighting back the tears. Anne Fletcher being the director indeed has her female hormones working.

Margaret was able to convince Andrew to pretend as her fiancée with her promise of promoting him as an editor. In order to make the charade more realistic to the eyes of the immigration officer, they have flown to Alaska for weekend just in time for Andrew’s Grandma Annie’s (Betty White) birthday. In the beautiful place of Alaska where the friendly folks of a small town Sitka an unexpected romance blooms between two entirely different individuals; Margaret, the boss, strong willed, always in control, and self centric woman and Andrew her assistant, the sweet guy who is surrounded by love from his family. Just like every love story we can hear of lot of things are bound to happen especially if there’s an immigration officer digging his nose in their real relationship. Who would’ve thought that they really would fall for each other as days unfold in Alaska, and yet they are both anxious that they’ll be caught lying to everyone, that they are just playing roles for Margaret’s US Visa.

Sandra Bullock is undeniably a brilliant actor, we’ve seen her playing different roles and still she manages to breathe the character of Margaret Tate, she indeed looked and acted like a workaholic EIC. She gave life to the character to the point that you can tell why everyone on the division hates the EIC, she can make you feel things toward her which you sometimes feel about your own boss, such as giving code names, instant messaging to everyone, and avoiding to come across the area. Ryan Reynolds is a fresh leading man for Sandra Bullock, there are noticeable differences but they are cute onscreen. You can tell that Reynolds is a born charmer, you can see from his boyish smile, you would be definitely swept on your feet. You can tell that Andrew is really developing a feeling towards Margaret by the way Reynolds stares at Bullock. Another outstanding character would be Betty White who played Grandma Annie, I’ve never seen a cool grandmother just like her. White did things you can’t imagine your grandma would be doing such as dancing a ritual and faking a heart attack, and with all the funny witty lines, it’s cool to be her grandchild. Having Oscar Nuňez as Ramone is totally hilarious, he can play every role in the film you can think of, stripper, store owner, even a Pastor. The cast of this movie indeed gave justice to the characters.

Another Aspect of the film which I find really good is the set design and location. Before whenever I hear Alaska, I can think of Igloos, Eskimos, Siberian huskies, Ice bergs…but this movie showed that Alaska have a lot of things more than snow and things that come with it, it can come with a cozy little town with beautiful sceneries and ancestral houses. I love the Paxton’s ancestral house, the interior of their home made me feel very relaxed, from their common room to bedroom. And the barn, I never thought of having the barn as a wedding venue but amazingly in this movie I think I will consider getting married in a barn.

I am giving this flick a thumbs up. This movie made me feel excited to fall in love again, fall in love in unexpected circumstances and work my way out. I’ve been moved by the emotions in the movie, heartfelt love and affection from loved ones, grudge over pushy bosses, and laugh from simple things. I’m amazed by how the story went, same as what we experience in our daily lives, simple and yet there are things that we usually find ourselves into, loaded work environment, pushy bosses and connivances in the office up to the very core of one’s heart falling in love with the slightest idea. Now I can just imagine myself choosing between US Visa and the love of my life.